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As featured on Coast to Coast AM

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Step into The Dark Zone, a new online community that embraces the vast spectrum of all things paranormal. The biggest names in paranormal television and beyond have joined forces to bring you the latest happenings in the world of Ghosts, UFOs, Cryptids, Psychic Phenomena, and The Unexplained. Here in The Dark Zone, you’ll find the content you crave, and the answers you’ve been looking for - all from the leading paranormal experts in the world.


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As featured on National & International Radio!

GHOSTHUNTERAPPS has had the privilege of appearing on Coast to Coast AM and an assortment of other great radio shows to share the word about what we do. In fact, on some shows we even share the EVPs captured by the apps.

Ghosts & Hauntings/ Paranormal Apps Anthony F. Sanchez,
Connie Willis (host)
Spirits & Audio From Beyond Steve Huff,
Connie Willis (host)
Talking to the Dead Steve Huff,
Connie Willis (host)

Steve Huff
Anthony F. Sanchez


Steve Huff,
Huff Paranormal

Steve Huff is a professional photographer, blogger, and spirit communicator who has been speaking to the dead for many years. His website at receives 70-100,000 visits per day!

GHOSTHUNTERAPPS™ is proud to be affiliated with Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal. A collaboration that began with the development of the SCD-1 Ghost Box and IB-1 (Impossible Box) which now takes us in to the next era of ITC software with the ETHEREAL SPIRIT BOX.

The SCD-1 is one of the most used pieces of software for spirit communication and the new Impossible Box is pushing the edge even further.

Steve has teamed up with H.O.P.E. Paranormal in 2015 to create a feature documentary called "Finding the Light" which was just released. The documentary is incredible! See the REVIEW.

Did you know?

Steve has appeared twice on Coast to Coast AM where he has shared EVPs from many of GHOSTHUNTERAPPS software titles.

Steve Huff


Jason Higgs,
UK Encounters TV

'Encounters' is a brand new Paranormal web-show which uses the latest cutting edge technology in the paranormal field and sees Seasoned Investigator and Haunted Plymouth team member, Jason Higgs experience alleged Haunted Locations around the Country ... Alone.

Although Jason investigates overnight alone, The 'Encounters' Project team is made up with Kevin Hynes (Psychic Medium), Mikey Parkinson (Investigator and Producer), Rich Silverwood (Investigator and Producer) and James Fletcher (Producer).

Jason uses a custom Windows tablet with the latest external USB temperature sensors, high def web cams, speakers to use with ALL the GHOSTHUNTERAPPS software titles.

Jason Higgs


Connie Willis,
Coast to Coast AM

A friend to GHOSTHUNTERAPPS and a user of the apps, Coast to Coast AM guest host Connie Willis has a custom Windows Tablet by Dell that is loaded with every app made by GHOSTHUNTERAPPS, a tool which she has shared with good friends of hers just Bishop James Long founder of the Paranormal Clergy.

In addition to this, Connie was a special guest Investigator on the Paranormal Shock TV project along side Steve Huff and Anthony Sanchez appearing at such locations as Virginia City, NV - the Georgetown Hotel & Bar - the Manzanita Cemetery. Expect to see more collaboration with Connie as we grow!

Connie Willis


Bill Murphy,
SyFy Network - Fact or Fake: Paranormal Files

A collaborator on many of the concepts used in the GHOSTHUNTERAPPS tools, Bill has been a good friend and confidant of Anthony since the beginning. Both Bill and his beautiful wife Anita McMillan-Murphy have spoken for Anthony at the UFO PARANORMAL SUMMIT (Sacramento, CA) and together they have helped bring awareness to causes in addition to furthering the paranormal.

Bill has a tablet loaded with all the GHOSTHUNTERAPPS software titles, along with advanced microphones, speakers, USB temperature sensors; equipment that he uses in demonstrations across the country showcasing the advanced nature of our software. We are honored to be friends with Bill.

Bill Murphy


Brigid Marie Mcdermott- Goode,
Gettysburg Ghost Gals

Brigid is a member of the Gettysburg Ghost Gals along with Jenny Thomas. She has been a paranormal investigator for over two decades becoming an expert in the field of historical and paranormal research. She has also become one of today's foremost evp analysts and has produced and edited thousands of hours of audio and video throughout the last 20 years.

It's been a year since GHOSTHUNTERAPPS and the gals teamed up and it is going strong! Brigid and the team use a custom Dell Tablet loaded with all the GHOSTHUNTERAPPS software titles and use advanced webcams (high definition) plus external USB temperature sensors and speakers to fully leverage the best of our apps.

Keep an eye out for future work to be featured on our YouTube page from Brigid, Jen and the rest of the gals.

Brigid Marie Mcdermott- Goode


Keith Weldon,

Keith is the founder of Chillseekers, a central California paranormal team that has gained a strong following online. Since the beginning of GHOSTHUNTERAPPS Keith and fellow team investigator Carissa Simpson have made incredible evidence/demonstration videos of our apps.

Today Keith himself is not only an app maker (Spiritus Box) but he has also delved into the physical analogue Ghost Equipment sector producing some incredible inventions.

Keith Weldon


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